Supra academy will be the premier soccer program in Canada and an integral part of the Canadian National Teams’ growth and success.

Our passion to be “above the rest” inspires pride for all the players, coaches, and parents in our academy.

Our Mission

Supra academy exists to provide a player-centred, world-class, professional soccer training for players at all levels through exceptional programs, coaching, and facilities.  The “SAFER” approach imbedded in our all curriculums leads to unceasing player development, competitiveness, and the love for the game:

Simplified training solution

We provide simple, tailored training plans that deliver maximum results.


The journey to success must be fun and memorable otherwise this experience will not be repeated.


We create the environment and provide the necessary resources for everyone to train as an elite athlete.

Refine and Repeat

As the player grows and develop, we constantly refine our program to challenge their evolution.


Success cannot be had without failure. We will take you to that edge and show you how to overcome it.


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