Recipients of Sidoo Family Giving Scholarship

Winning a scholarship of any kind is life changing and the exertion of working towards this achievement merits laud. As an academy, it is important to celebrate these winners and tell their unique stories. We are looking forward to adding more names and faces in the future.


Tyler Sarling

“Nine years and many soccer games later, I would say that some of the most positive outcomes for me from the game of soccer are learning to be disciplined, to work as a team and to watch out for each other. Discipline is the ability to take things seriously and to focus on what is important. Playing soccer is a privilege and if you are not putting in the effort then you are not discipline.”

Abdullah Khairati

“After joining Supra Academy I realized that the competition gets more competitive, another level. This made me realize that I need to focus and be more competitive like the rest of the team/opponents if I want to keep up and perform. I changed the way I eat and started training really hard on and off the pitch. The hard work I put into the training and games started paying off. “

Jason Penner

“The game of soccer has taught me so much, like: strategy, focusing, commitment, determination, hard work, teamwork, skills, recovery, endurance, and what it means to live like a high level player. Soccer for me is not just a sport it’s something I do and love and I always know I’m going to get so much fun out of it. Being in Residency has brought me life long friends.”



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