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Supra Academy identifies and develops soccer players between the ages of 4-17 in British Columbia, Canada. We are open to players from any team, club or academy. We design high level, age and skill appropriate development programs that are overseen by experienced staff coaches. Our unique training programs target potential technical weaknesses while continuously building on each player’s tactical knowledge and awareness. Most importantly, the academy’s objective is to develop the player’s confidence to compete at a higher level.

Weekly training topics include technical mastery (dribbling, shooting, passing, tackling, heading) and tactical awareness with or without the possession of the ball. We are precise in our curriculum and we are demanding as we strive to build an all-around soccer player that can consistently overcome different technical and tactical situations on the soccer field. Each week, players grow in confidence as they are able to recognize, apply, and execute complex techniques in the right tactical situations.



Supra is a renowned soccer academy in Richmond British Columbia, Canada. Our soccer academy goal is to provide all soccer players in the province access to professional training in a safe and competitive environment.



Development is a long word and an even longer process. Our soccer academy mission is to accelerate the process by providing a professional training environment for athletes at every level.



For practice locations to games, to tournaments, there is lots happening in the soccer academy Supra community! Check out all the events taking place on a month to month basis.

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Sidoo Family Giving Scholarship

Sidoo Family Giving was established in 2006 with the intention of giving back to a community that had provided so much to a young man in his youth. With the support of David Sidoo, we are actively looking for eligible members that represent the values of Supra Soccer Academy — they’re driven, passionate, approachable, humble & friendly.

This player is an ambassador for their sports, active in their communities, and passionate about training. If you are a competitive or an accomplished athlete and feel you have the goods to become part of Supra full-time academy, shoot us an email at