Supra Goalkeeper Academy
The goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the soccer field as they are the last line of defense and the first point of attack. To be effective in the position, goalkeepers require special skills and special training.
Goalkeeper Training Academy
The Supra Goalkeeper Training Academy is strictly a specialized training program designed to provide opportunities for young players to develop essential goalkeeping skills and self-confidence to be a top goalkeeper. The program curriculum is designed to be progressive based upon ability, age, and experience of the individual goalkeeper and includes all of the key elements of goalkeeping.

We create a realistic, game specific (live attacking and defending situations) training environment that simulates game-like pressures that challenges the key goalkeeping areas in order to accelerates development and delivers greater positive learning:

  • We put our primary focus on teaching great technique and tactical understanding of handling, diving, reaction and 1 v 1 breakaway saves.
  • The goalkeeper faces hundreds of shots and breakaways as training sessions incorporate the use of a ball launcher (weather permitting) and concludes with a 1 v 1 & 2 v 2 mini games.
  • During our team scrimmages (games), the goalies get the opportunity to apply their learnings immediately. 
Here are the available programs based on the players commitment level:


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