Tournament Experience

Tournament weekends make for unforgettable lifelong memories. Throughout the year, Supra participates in a select list of local and travel tournaments. These tournaments are difficult to coordinate without the continuous engagement and support of our academy players and families. As such, we want to ensure that going forward, we are able to secure participation of players in these tournaments as early as possible for the following reasons:


It is expected that if your child chooses to be on a tournament team or selected to a travel team, you will be committing to this team for the season (fall/Winter or spring/summer). If your child has additional commitments in those seasons, the expectation is that the tournament/travel team will take priority. We understand unforeseen events may require players to miss a game or the tournament, to remain on the team, it will be critical to communicate unavailability with the team coordinator immediately. Commitment and availability are crucial for roster creation to ensure that each roster is fully committed.

There will be a variety of costs associated with these teams such as tournament entry fees, coaching fees, training camp fees (if required), apparel, travel costs, and accommodations etc. Please be aware that many of these fees need to be paid up front. Expenses paid for tournament/travel teams are non-refundable. Parents are required to complete payment by the tournament(s) registration deadline to secure roster position.

As an organization, we emphasize performance based opportunity, as such, playing time will not be equal on these teams. It is important that this is taken into consideration prior to confirming commitment.

We make every effort to place a child on a team. However, purely due to numbers, there may not be roster space on a team or enough interest to create additional teams. There is always the possibility of “cuts.” Once again, we strive to prevent this from happening and in some cases, we may combine age groups or try to assemble a team in the weeks following tryouts. In the case in which a team has an incomplete roster based on the number of kids that tried out, that team will have the option to add players without a try out to fill their roster.
Once the training camp begins, in the case in which a player makes a team but cannot fulfill their commitment, there will be a supplemental tryout or invitation for any kid that wants to potentially fill that spot. Only in the case in which there is a roster void will there be a tryout or invite, and it will be specific to that team and number of roster spots available. If there would be an opening, the academy will communicate that to player in that specific age group.


Local tournaments provide players the ability to play against different club teams locally. In all of these tournaments, there is no score or standings (up to U12) so there is less pressure to win; this makes it an excellent entry point for young players looking to experience a tournament weekend in a less competitive environment. Furthermore, it also provides development opportunities in which players are able to practice and cement playing concepts over multiple games in a weekend.
Players choosing to join a tournament team will be required to attend 2-3 select local tournaments during each season. A tournament team’s season registration will be divided into two seasons (fall & winter & spring/ summer):

Fall/Winter, 2023

Spring/Summer, 2024

The exact number of tournaments/games and schedule is determined by the academy through a tournament registration form submitted at the beginning of the year.


Travel tournaments allow players to play against the very best players and teams around the world. From a development perspective, it exposes players to higher level competition and provides the opportunity for our players to showcase themselves to professional teams.  

As expected, the time and financial commitments are much more demanding than a standard tournament team. A travel team’s schedule will vary depending on the selection of travel tournaments planned for their respective age group(s). These teams typically play 3-4 travel tournaments during the year. The exact number of tournaments/games and schedule is determined by the Academy with family feedback.

With advance notice, it is expected that vacations during this time will be planned around the team’s schedule. Team commitments will also include training camp activities, athletic/strength training, exhibition games and video analysis sessions. External (player’s outside Supra Academy) that make a travel team are not required to be registered at the Academy. Keep in mind that the travel team costs will likely be anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 based on quantity and location of tournaments.



USA - Youth Tournaments

USA - Showcase Tournaments



Existing Supra Players:

For registered Supra players, selection will be done based on evaluations provided by coaching staff throughout the year (practices, games, and overall ability) This information is again specifically designed to eliminate ambiguity and allow us to field the best possible team for competition. As always, players have access to all this information via Supra Player app throughout the year. The advantage for our existing members is that the players are not to be evaluated solely on a few hour tryout. As players are always evaluated throughout the year, players can be added or removed from the travel team before the tournament training camp. No spot is guaranteed before the tournament.

External Candidates:

For ages 8-14, the team selection involves a 3-day tryout that involves assessment from your child’s travel tournament coach. This initial tryout will be scheduled during our regular academy training nights. Prospective candidates will be required to attend the one week trial (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). After this initial assessment, players will be notified if they are a fit for the travel team. If selected, players will be required to attend a minimum of 5 additional sessions before the tournament training camp. These sessions will allow the player to familiarize with the coach, team, and players before the training camp.


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