Player Development Pathways

The Supra Pathway is a complementary development pathway to the pre-existing BC Soccer/ CSA (Canada Soccer Association). While BC Soccer has a standardized (one-size fits all) development model, the Supra Pathway is not restricted by age grouping, training loads, or level of competition. Our player centred (not club or team) approach allows movement throughout our pathway without restrictions.

Players who want to accelerate their development need to play and train in a competitive environment. Aside from the daily competition in training, our teams regularly participate in tours and tournaments inside and outside Canada in order to expose our players to different levels of competition. These semi-professional tours and tournaments are the melting pot of world soccer. It is here that our players are exposed to diverse and a high level of competition, as well as  having the potential to be scouted by college coaches and elite scouts alike.

Supra Development Model

The SFS long-term player development structure is a skill based developmental model. At a very young age, players develop very specific sets of skills and gradually progress through the different phases based on how many of the skills they are able to master at each particular phase. With our overall emphasis being on skill measurement, all our training sessions consist of mixed age groups. Not relying on chronological age for placement allows us to place the children in an environment that fosters an adequate level of challenge and competition to advance player development. In essence, in their prime developmental period, each player has a tailored program that suits their level of play. This is a proven way to enhance player motivation, achievement and enjoyment. This is by no means a revolutionary technique; however, our method of application and execution is what separates us from other programs with similar design.

At the core of our development model, lies our key differentiator. In any era or generation, the differentiating factor that separates an elite athlete from an average performer is speed. It is our belief that to create the complete athlete, it is imperative to develop and train the “Three Speeds”:


In sports, the athlete decision-making process often occurs within milliseconds in often-complex environments. We recreate complex, real game scenarios & environments and allow athletes to perform accurate, game-winning decisions progressively at high speed.


We rehearse sprinting/running techniques at high speeds to implant correct patterns that can be transferred to the athlete’s respective sport(s).


It encompasses the first two components; physically, it is affected by the quality and efficiency of your movements. From the mental side, the type of pressure that is applied and how it affects decision-making. We provide the environment and appropriate stimulus in training in which the execution of skills and decision-making is that of the pressure of a game.


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