Cultivate Growth

During this period of adolescent growth, players struggle to maintain the same level of performance they have worked so hard to establish. This is the most important and critical developmental age for players given all of the tremendous possible variables (less coordination, more susceptible to injury, quitting the sport, premenstrual issues, and heightened emotional awareness).

As we move up the age ladder from the U13 level to the U15, players often find the transition to a bigger field difficult; As such, the proper matching of competition is very important. To support success, we  continue to focus on technique during our practices, as we did at the younger ages. Creating environments in which players get maximum repetitions of technical skills is the key.

For these players, training technique involves learning and perfecting intermediate to advanced skills at their speed, while establishing consistency of execution with decision making. We provide high amounts of repetition with steady increase of resistance (based on individual player performance). Though younger players may need to train primarily with no pressure or resistance, this group of players will spend much of their time training techniques under pressure within the game environment. We are consistent in  our coaching and we make sure that we follow a progressive trend of development for players at this stage.

Our key partnership with sports physiotherapists, psychologists, and dieticians will ensure that players’ physical, mental, and emotional health (holistic) is monitored to assure continuous growth on and off the pitch.

Our Teams

ACE (Competitive)

This is Supra’s travel team, which will participate in many local and travel tournaments in the USA and Europe.

This group is intended for like-minded players that demonstrate high level of 5 main components:

ALPHA (Development)

This is our second high level group which gives players the opportunity to travel on a less frequent basis yet still play as many competitions to best complement each player’s development.


Athletes that are selected for the ACE Performance Program are eligible to take part in various forms of competition which exposes them to many different playing formats.  Players will play in competitions that include formats such as 3v3, 5v5, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 in order to give the players maximum opportunity to develop their game.  

Examples of Competitions:


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